Common Football Injury – How To Prevent Catastrophic Football Injuries

If you ever played football at an amateur or professional level, having just one injury can literally end your career. Not only would affect your football career, you may have some troubles doing important activities of daily living. To ensure that you don’t get any of these injuries, your team or coach should introduce an injury prevention program.

Some players think that this program is a waste of time and better things can be done instead of performing repetitive activities. In fact, studies have proven that having a injury prevention program can dramatically reduce the amount of injuries by 80%. As well as reducing injuries, the program will also save money in terms of health bill costs and time.

An injury prevention program should consist of the following things:

Warm ups

It is important that players warm up their muscles and joints before performing any high impact activities. A quick two minute jog around the football field can increase the amount of circulation toสมัคร ufabet บนมือถือ the muscles and therefore increasing the extensibility of the muscle fibers. The incidence of muscle strain and sprain are reduced because the tissues can be stretched at a greater range.

Drink Water

Make sure you are properly hydrated before going into a game. If it’s really hot outside, drink more than it is necessary because sometimes you don’t realize you lose so much fluids.


Stretch all of your major muscle groups like your hamstrings, shoulders and back muscles.

Warm Down

After a training session or a game, warm down. Don’t just sit down and relax right after the game. Your muscles may have some muscle byproducts such as lactic acid circulating around your system. Try to help the body flush it out of your system by walkin