Tailgating – The Last American Neighborhood

American football is as good as it gets, competition, sacrifice, athletics, and rivalry are some of the feelings that you get as you immerse yourself in this sport. Many people, especially among season ticket holders, have long traditions that can date 20 years. One of the strongest traditions that still lives on today is Tailgating.

Tailgating: A definition

For some it would be insane for us even to consider a reason to define tailgating, however, we will proceed for the new comers. Tailgating can be defined in many ways from many people. The most basic definition is a pre/post football game party. The term tailgate party stems from the pickup truck. People pull into a parking lot grab the lawn chairs, radio, TV or whatever, drop the “tailgate” and start the party. Though a tailgating party now refers to a pre game party, many die hard fans still require a pickup truck or RV, tents, and even a self made port-a-potty as essentials to have a great tailgate party. One thing is for sure, in order for a tailgate party to exist it must have food, and preferably a barbeque.

Tailgating: The Food

Tailgating has been called the last American neighborhood due to the ufabetเว็บตรง comradely that exists. In great tailgating parties, everyone is there to support the local football team. There is a sense of community and friendship. One of the best parts of this atmosphere is the cook-offs. Whether intentional or spontaneous it seems that every great tailgating party has a cook-off. Hamburgers, bratwurst, and pulled pork are common food items that make their way on to the competitor’s line up. For the most part it is an unofficial competition that comprises of neighbors swapping recipes and stories of the good ol’ days. In other tailgating experiences, there are official judges and even cash prizes.

Tailgating: The atmosphere

If anything tailgating fans enjoy most, it is the anticipation for a great game. With pregame shows blaring on TV’s, and radios it is a great time to talk about strategy, or why you think that your team didn’t make it to the super bowl last year and some recommendations that you would make if you meat the coach. For others it is grabbing a pickup football game in the parking lot. It doesn’t matter if you are 12 of 75 if you enjoy throwing the ol’ pig skin you can hop in a pickup game.